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It was a beautiful day in Murrieta; the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and little Brando was in the front lawn of his house, playing with his action figures. His mother then came out of the house and said, 'sweetheart, your breakfast is ready!' and little Brando jumped right up and rushed on in to eat his eggs.

'Tell me, son, how did you sleep?' his mother sweetly asked. 'poop!' he said, without hesitation. 'OH MY! Little Brando, why do you say such gross words!?' she was absolutely astonished! Little Brando just kept eating his eggs, as if nothing happened. His sweet mother smiled and told her young, innocent son, 'Well, Brando, I am headed to the market! I have to buy some more poop because I used the rest of it to give a special flavor to your eggs!'

And that was the end of sunny days in Murrieta...